Hsm 240 Week 2 Checkpoint

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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week 2

Public Policy and Development in health and Human services,

The electronic reserve I chose is, “ Judge stalls Michigan drug testing program for welfare applicants”. I agree, with the drug testing pilot, but totally disagree, with the judge imposing a temporary junction, to stop the program. I feel if you’re receiving state benefits than you should be tested. There are so many people I know personally that abuse the welfare program. They commit fraud, and abuse the program intentions. This makes Michigan look bad, and the welfare program as well. The welfare program is suppose too, be for women and children, but there are so many men on the program, it’s crazy. The welfare program was design to help people in need, and it usually was single mothers with children. The program was design to help people to get on their feet, but it turn into a lifetime thing, so many mothers figured out to stay on the program was to have more children, so we had so many women having 6 and 7 children, so they wouldn’t have to worry about being cut off, finally Michigan said, no more, after five children you will not get any extra benefits. I live in Michigan, so I know a little about what’s going on, as it states, in the electronic reserve, there are 268 people tested and 21 people tested positive. My opinion on this is the only reason more didn’t test positive is word of mouth, many social workers live in the urban community. They tell their family what’s being said, and their family tells some more people, until everyone is warned. Many people spent $10.00 on a drink that you can get at any corner store, and was able to beat the test. I feel random drug tests should be added to the welfare applicant book, letting them know a test can be done whenever the welfare service feel is necessary. I feel by screening the applicants would help the children, and there, the ones suffering through all of this, so many mothers receive food stamps, and cash...
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