It 210 Week 8 Checkpoint

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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|Top-Level Object |Communicates With |Incoming Messages |Outgoing Messages | |Graphical Interface/Central Computer |Communicates with the door, microwave |Incoming messages are from the user,|Outgoing messages tell the generator to | | |generator, and table spinner |i.e. power, timing, etc., also from |begin making the waves, the table | | | |the door which tells the GUI if the |spinner to spin, and displays things on | | | |wave generator is safe to go on |the screen such as the time remaining, | | | | |power settings and other specifics. | |Door |Communicates with the GUI and computer to be |No incoming messages except from the|Outgoing messages whenever the door is | | |sure that you can only turn the device on if |user who can open and close the door|opened or closed, it must inform the | | |the door is closed | |interface so that the device turns off | | | | |when the door is opened and returns to | | | | |an on setting when the door is closed | | | |...
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