Hsc 455 Week 4

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  • Published : February 23, 2013
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Policy Topic
 Stephen Gregorie

Policy Topic
On March 23, 2010 the national health reform law became a law. This law includes many measures that have changed the health care system in the United State of America ("Health Reform", n.d). Some of these changes are that most citizens who are legal residence will be able to have a health insurance. People will be able to purchase coverage at an affordable cost. Big cooperation and organizations will have to provide health care insurance for their employees the only exemption of small business that won’t be penalizing for not providing health care for their employees. The new regulation will be that everyone will be cover no matter and regardless of previews health status. There will be more support for prevention and public health activities will include wellness. Insurance programs will provide the communities with living assistance services. Health policy reform its vision is to increase its availability to care, prescribe drugs that everybody can afford and get the support of the medical insurance to do their part (Cafasso, 2011). The stakeholders in the health care reform will be the consumers this includes patients, hospitals, employers, insurance industry, representative from hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical companies, nurses, veterans, and military personal. The consumers will definitely end up being the stakeholders. The health care reform is a controversial subject witch many people are in favor and some are not. The health care reform main concern and purpose is to be able to provide an affordable health care to all the people in the United State of America. The health care reform has impacted everyone and will continue to be a touchy subject that the people will continue to learn more about as time goes by.

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