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Proposal on HSBC’s strategic shift with the organization based growth model (410 words, 2011).

Research topic: How HSBC’s changed its strategic direction using organization-driven growth model to achieve long-term economic and strategic success. Rationale and literature review
The long-term economic success of an organization is dynamically associated with the organization’s ability to create new modes of production (Chandler 1990). A number of factors influence an organization’s ability to grow and achieve strategic success in today’s era of globalization. These are: * The dynamic processes that govern an organization’s operations are not uniform but diverse across different parts of the world (Martin & Verdier 2008). * Organization’s changes and the dynamic process that influence do not necessarily have a consistently progressive development phase. i.e they go through a phase of high-development and low-development (Martin & Verdier 2008). Organizations, like HSBC, who have recognized this, have invested resources to evolve their economic development over time. HSBC developed their organizational-driven growth model to successfully create a model for long-term sustainability, growth and profitability. The model is shown below:

Figure: The HSBC organizational-growth model (Image source: Deans & Kroeger 2004) HSBC was founded by Thomas Sutherland in 1865 in Hong Kong and for many years was a small-sized bank that operated in Asia (Ahlstrom & Bruton 2009). In the 1980’s, the management developed the organizational growth-model to address the need for HSBC to become global and diversify in the long-term. This model led to the development of the ‘HSBC character’, which is the cornerstone of HSBC’s growth strategy today (Deans & Kroeger 2004). By implementing this model effectively across all areas of HSBC holdings, HSBC was able add scale to its business such as insurance, leasing and fund management and be cautious and thrifty while using their...
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