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  • Published : May 6, 2012
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Room & Board: A Strategic Case Study Analysis

Strategic Profile and Case Analysis Purpose
Room & Board was wholly owned by John Gabbert, who had created it more than 25 years earlier. As a Minnesota-based privately owned company, Room & Board has been known for offering products that combined classic, simple design with high quality handcrafted furniture and giving exceptional service to their customers. Approximately $50 million of revenue a year was generated through Room & Board fully integrated, multichannel sales approach, consisting of its eight national retail stores, an annual catalog and a web site.

The purpose of this case analysis is to determine how to institutionalize its way of doing business beyond the life of its founder and how to strengthen its culture and high employees and customer engagement while growing at a rate that sustained its economic health.

The situation analysis will examine four factors: the general environment, the industry, competitors, and Room & Board internal environment. The general environmental analysis consist of

Technological Trends
Room & Board does not really have any technological advantage over it’s competitors but two advantages it has is giving people a choice of materials used in the product like custom designs in wood and metal materials along with ordering these material ahead of time to cut down on time when a customer does order a product made with certain material in mind.

Demographic Trends
Room & Board demographic trends group is nation-wide which include suppliers and customers. More than 85% percent of its furniture is manufactured in America. Room & Board is proud of its commitment for supporting American manufacturers and small, family owned business. Economic Trends

At Room & Board, quality was also about providing value. That value was inherent in the company’s products, which lasted and whose style and design were timeless. Providing...
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