HRM Practice on Jamuna Bank

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Background of the study:
Introductory Part

1.1 Preface:
In today’s world, education is the imperative tool for understand the real world and apply knowledge for betterment of the society as like as in business sector. From the education session the theoretical knowledge is obtained from various analyses throughout the programs, which is only the half way of the subject matter. As practical orientation is an integral part of the BBA program, every student is sent by the department to different organization to take real life exposure from the activities of the organization, which is known as “Internship Program”. That program is taken when the student is at the leg of his/her Bachelor Degree. Internship program brings student closer to the real life situation and thereby helps to launch a career graduates within the local environment with knowledge and skill to provide leadership in enterprise, public service and Welfare of Their society. Internship placement of this department is a step towards fulfilling this commitment by giving students an opportunity to get ready for the real world before they enter their practical life. Involvement of the banking sector in different financial events is increasing day by day. At the same time the financial arena is becoming faster, customer focused and its involvement got unavoidable in their everyday life. Now a day, it has become essential for every person to have some ideas on the economics and mostly on banking procedure. In the internship program, each student is attached with an organization .Under this program students of BBA faculty must go through an internship program of 3 months duration. After completion of several credit theories from the department of the Business Studies faculty, students are sent to different organizations to expose them real life scenario .The theoretical knowledge that students acquire from class lecture, books, journals, case studies, seminars etc is replenished in the practical settings. My internship placement was at Jamuna Bank Limited, Jubilee Road Islamic Banking Branch. I was asked to prepare internship paper on the assigned topic of “Prospectus of HRM Practice in Private Bank by a Case Study in Jamuna Bank Ltd” 1.2 Objective of the study:

A. General:
The general objective of this study is to know about HRM system & Problem in private banks in Bangladesh regarding Jamuna Bank Ltd that has been performed by HRD. B. Specific:
* To familiarize with practical job environment.
* To have an exposure on the financial institutions such as banking environment of Bangladesh * To gain experience on different functions of banking business in Bangladesh. * To know about the Human Resource practice in Jamuna Bank Ltd & in banking sector. * To know about the Human Resource policies and practices at Jamuna Bank Ltd. * To know about Human Resource planning in Jamuna Bank Ltd. * To gather the actual knowledge about the Human Resource operations in the organizations. * To know about the training & development methods.

* To know performance appraisal system.
* To identify the problems if any.
* To provide suggestions.
* To identify the problem and the lacking of man power.
* To identify the problem of HRM departments
* To provide the solution for better HRD system
* To ensure the workforce regarding HRM

1.3 Methodology of the Study:

In order to complete this report I proceeded through a work plan. I physically visited and discussed with executives of Jamuna Bank Ltd become conversant with the banks philosophy, working procedures, management system and decision making process of the banks. The details of the work plan are furnished below:

Primary Data:
* Practical work exposure.
* Face to face conversation with respective officers & stuffs. * Data collection by own supervision.
Secondary Data:
* Annual report 2010 & 2011 of...
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