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In 1986, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. is the first Japanese automobile manufacturer that launches the keen luxury brand called as Acura. Sideways to its key business on automobile and motorcycle, Honda has moreover manufactured on the marine engines, garden equipment, and personal watercraft as well as the power generators. in addition, they ventured into the aerospace through the E Honda Aero Engines establishment in 2004 as well as, Honda HA-420 HondaJet that aimed to launch on 2012. Approximately 5% of Honda revenues are spent into R&D. Additional from a leader of automaker, according to Lash and Wellington (2007), Honda is the worlds “greenest” as well as it outperforms the norms from the industry on areas for instance, with hybrid battery-and gasoline, low carbon technologies, and fuel cell vehicles. By the philosophy underpinning on the simplicity of itself, the firm is continuing driven by never reproduce of others. According to McGregor (2007), the performance and success is driven through the leader of innovation. According to Andersen and Zaelke (2003), as the only firm the produces the various kinds of powered equipment worldwide for instance, automobiles, jets, marine, motorcycles, and power products, Honda is “the global major engine creator with more than 15.2 million production annually.” The green innovation and performance was illustrated in Honda’s continued success statistic in figures 1-2.

Figure 1: Environment Scores (Lowest Best)
Source: UCS Automaker Ranking (2007)

Figure 2: Vehicle manufacturers’ gross profit margin
Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers (2007)

Business Strategy
The Honda’s business advantages are sharpening by R&D on the aggressive competition of Honda among rivals, and all are defined as the Honda’s business strategy. At Honda, the most things proud is on its R&D system and with these systematic approaching ways, durability focusing, dependability and basic routine on the creative establishment and innovative technical groundwork (Gilad, 2011). With the intelligently approach for future, the products by Honda do concern on the issues of environment, economic, and social, which leads to the steady risen in American and Europe on the present , whereas the total industry is turning low by some exterior factors for instance, the depreciation of U.S.D., rising of oil price, and recession in politic (Paton and Karunaratne, 2009). As Honda keeps involve on research and development, it will be benefit for the future people via the technology leading edge and innovative commitment that open for novel chances of mobility. With ―’The Joy of Selling’ –Honda dealership is one of its powers (Honda, 2011). Through creation of core values offering products and services, Honda becomes unique and the associations of Honda throughout the world remain to form up such the rousing on its consumers’ experience. The heartfelt endeavors are included in the services of Honda to response to the increasingly global changes in values and complex customers’ needs. Its services are the customer relations improving focus, with the sales that friendly and attentive, support with responsive services, systematic maintenance, and refurbishes. ―Life with a Honda – the firm started to unify its manifold channels of dealership into Honda’s single sales channel, looking for the way to strengthen the brand of Honda, develop customer satisfaction, and help in making certain the lifetime of their loyalty (Gilad, 2011). The system for manufacturing and distributing at Honda are the additional sources of its success. With the international network, Honda‘s inclusive strategies in some way comprise of the globalizing characteristic. The independent local operation is formed by Honda worldwide and driven the local sovereignty and practical efforts to restrict the needs in local with the shared understanding. The opposition between Honda and...
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