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Toyota Motors
Marketing Plan for Hybrid Vehicles by geographic location (Europe) 1.0 Executive Summary
The Toyota Motor Company continues to strive to be the global market leader in the automobile manufacturing industry. Over the years, Toyota has managed to remain the leader of this industry through its management structure, fuel efficient vehicle design and competitive pricing based on global market knowledge. Toyota has realized that environmentally conscious products were needed to ensure continued company (and sales) growth in the future. Toyota has been actively reducing its carbon footprint since 1998. Annually, Toyota has been publishing its Environmental and Social Sustainability report in order to enhance disclosure of information regarding environmental actions carried out in conjunction with its corporate activities. Through more efficient and "cleaner" production lines it has reduced its environmental impact. Toyota also seeks to be the market leader for so called "clean (or green) vehicles" such as Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles. This marketing plan will discuss Toyota's strategy with regards to green vehicles, with particular reference to one geographical location, Europe. This Marketing plan will have a closer look at how the European Branch operates within Toyota's global structure and how it reflects Toyota's overall vision of a cleaner, more sustainable future.

1.1 Vision
Toyota realizes that its future lies in the production of environmentally conscious cars. Toyota's vision of a cleaner future revolves around two main points. Firstly, the production of vehicles that have a smaller impact on the environment. Along with "cleaner" versions of its gasoline powered cars, Toyota believes that the company's success in the present and future lies in its line of Electric, Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles. Through this line of vehicles Toyota will be actively reducing environmental impact by producing cleaner cars for consumers to use. Secondly, Toyota believes that to achieve its goals towards a cleaner future, it must continuously strive to make its production lines even cleaner. In fact, since 2002 Toyota has managed to reduce the energy used for the production of vehicles by 40%, waste products by 50% and water consumption by 70% (Toyota Motors Europe: Sustainability Report 2011). Both of the above points fall under a global philosophy called "The Toyota Way". As analysed by Liker (Liker J., 2004) this holistic philosophy maintains fourteen key principles which Toyota has adopted to give its customers what they want, when they want it, in the most efficient way possible whilst leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint. Toyota also believes that continual growth can be achieved by exceeding its customers' expectations. In fact the Toyota Global website(2012) states "our attitude is to anticipate and deliver to the needs of those we serve"

1.2 Objectives
Toyota's main objectives are stated clearly in its Sustainability Report (2011). The said report outlines a global vision, to be attained by the year 2020. Toyota's new Global Vision 2020 comprises of three main pillars: * Lead the way to the future of mobility, which is our core business. * Commit to quality, innovation, environmental protection and by doing so, make cars that people love. * Engage our people's energy and passion to "Always Find a Better Way" (Toyota Motors Europe: Sustainability Report 2011)

2.0 Current Market Summary
Traditionally, Toyota's primarily focused on the US and Japanese markets. The European market is a fairly new addition to Toyota's Sales portfolio. Although the European market for cars has seen a steady decline in recent years, Toyota currently holds a 4.2% share of the total car market. In 2011 total sales in Europe amounted to 822,386, 10% of which were Hybrid vehicles.

2.1 Market Needs
Through Customer Relationship...
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