Peugeot Case

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  • Published: January 9, 2013
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1)Why Peugeot should export the 5008 HDI hybrid?3
2)Economic and political barriers that impact the export.5
3)Peugeot, a strong international competitiveness.6
4)The influence of culture in the marketing strategy.10
5)Which market entry?12
6)What about an acquisition?13
7)The International Product Life Cycle:14
8)Effects of the exchange rates and inflation:15
9)Personal selling:16
10)International marketing controls:17

* Introduction

Through this final assignment I will explain how the French company Peugeot, can introduce it hybrid car the 5008 hybrid HDI. I choose an hybrid car for different reasons. The first one is that I think that hybrid cars are going to know a better future than electric cars. In effect, this is a huge change for people in general and they are not used to that way of driving and consuming. Offering an electric car is too radical and making hybrid cars, combining fuel and electricity is a good way to make a transition. This is why I choose to makes it on hybrid car. Secondly, I choose the 5008 hybrid HDI because is one of the biggest car that Peugeot is offering, and as we know American people are more likely to use biggest vehicles than in France. Finally I choose Peugeot for the reasons explained bellow. The company is also known as the Group PSA. Actually PSA is the biggest car company if France and have for main competitor Renault the second biggest group in France. The company has extended and sells their products to different region in the world like in Asia and Latin America. With all the ecological issues within the car industry the car industry, companies have the obligation to find alternatives to the CO2 problems, but also because innovation is always recommended no matter the industry. This is why Peugeot presented in 2009, its new car the Peugeot 5008 HDI Hybrid. Nowadays, Peugeot is not very...
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