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Human Resource means those people who are productive, creative, innovative and workable persons working in an organization. Human Resource Management is concerned with the people of Management. Since every organization is made up of people, acquiring their services, developing their skills, motivating them to high levels of performance and ensuring their commitment to the organization are essential to achieve organization objectives.

Finally, we can say that, Human Resource Management is a branch of knowledge or areas of Mgt. practices that deals with conducting the nature of manpower job, manpower development, manpower remuneration and utilizing manpower and finally discharging Management function Concerning Human Resource Management.

Historical Evolution of HRM

Industrial Revolution
** Robert owen.

** Scientific Mgt.
F.W. Taylor.
** Welfare work movement
Personnel department
Industrial Welfare
Industrial Health
Research Board.

** Personnel Mgt. Movement.
British Institute of
Personnel Mgt.
National Institute of
Industrial Psychology.

* Human relations movement
Hawthrone studies
Institute of labour management.

* Professional Mgt.
* Behavior Science.
* HRM.

These aspects have been briefly discussed in the findings chapter

In Bangladesh the position of Human Resource Management is become stronger with the increase in the area of business organizations. As the basic things of Human Resource Management are people so it deals with that part of management. Bangladesh is improved technologically day by day. So the production of the organization also increased. Almost every sector in Bangladesh whether it is public, private, or autonomous Human Resource Management is practiced. “Our people are our most important asset”. Many organizations of Bangladesh are using this phrase, or sometimes close to it. Now, our Human Resource Managers can easily realized that significantly improving an organization’s Human Resource Management practices could increase its market value by as much as 30 percent. In Bangladesh with the increase of scope area, complexity & machinery development of our business institute the importance of Human Resource Management is also increased. Because properatilization of physical resources & its use in production process is not possible without Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management practice in Bangladesh is important because: ➢ To meeting economic competition & survival of the fittest. ➢ To controlling labor cost & overall cost of production. ➢ To increase in total employment & efficient workforce of the country. ➢ To valuable investment

➢ To keep pace with the technological development or program. The main scope of Human Resource Management in the light of industries in Bangladesh are: i) Manpower planning, collecting, selecting & appointing employee. ii) The workers assumption, wage system, identifies the industrial dispute & try to solve it. iii) Taking proper steps for analyzing, describing & evaluating the employee’s work. iv) Collecting personnel details for all the people who working in the organization v) Taking necessary training policies for the workers.

vi) Maintaining good relationship between labor & management vii) Consider the interest of the groups that are related to the organization. viii) Taking proper steps for motivating workers & purchase their emotion by giving them various employee services.

Objective of the study

The main objective of the study is to blend our academic knowledge with that of practical ones and to earn a feeling of how organizations are managed in real life situation the main objectives...
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