Roles of Team in Hospitality

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Human resource management is one of the major part of the organisation where that focus on management, recruitment, and providing direction for the people who works in the organisation (, 2010). And we can also define; human resource management is the function that deals with the issues function that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, employee motivation, and training and development programmes.

Concerning to team effectiveness in the organisation is depend upon the decision that taken by the leader or human resources manager. Team work is crucial part of business, as it is often necessary for colleagues to work well together, trying their best in any circumstance. Team is a group, which is focused subjective, bounded by the common objectives or goals. By the definition of the team that is clear that how much the team work is important because every individual of the team is bounded by the commons organisational goals. Developing good strategic models of team working is necessary because human resources are the major contributors to the organisation by using their individual efforts in team work. The effectiveness and efficient of the team work depends upon how the team leaders motivated their followers towards achie ving organisational goals through motivation. A team leader is always ensuring that the entire employee are properly rewarded or motivated so that every employee appears to be working effectively as a team. In simple word motivation is a kind of internal energy which makes a person to do something in order to gain something. Increasing salary and wages, proving good facilities, giving good working hour is the thing that motivate employee, but this only thing may not be employee motivated. The key factor that motivate the employee are authority, responsibility, chance of personal growth, promotion etc. If employee get this factor in their job then only each individual employee works as a team effective Concerning to Tourism and Hospitality industry, human resource of the organisation is the major because it is the service based organisation where an individual or group needs to deliver the best service to the customers, compare to the product based organisation. Hospitality and Tourism industry is one of the service based business which is more challenging in terms of face to face service delivering to the customers. So the human resource manager need to develop clear and concrete business environment where each and every employees must be more committed to their works in organized form or participative management style. As an assistant to the human resource manager of the large organisation in Tourism and Hospitality industry, I will discuss the following topics in the first part of my report:- •The structure of team in Tourism and Hospitality

The purpose of team in Tourism and hospitality
The factor which influence the effectiveness of team
The structure of team in Hospitality and Tourism
Teams are found in the every walks of the life. In the team there are an appointed leader and other person who works under this leader and every member of the team have their own specific roles and responsibilities to gain the common objectives. As far as my concern team orientation is more important in tourism and hospitality where each and every employee must be aware about their roles and responsibilities to meet the demand of the quality service of the customer. Team can be structured in different ways which are as follows:- 1.Hierarchical structure

2.Functional structure
3.Simple structure

1.Hierarchical structure

Above figure is the...
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