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Topics: Human resource management, Corruption Perceptions Index, Political corruption Pages: 25 (8216 words) Published: July 19, 2011
Executive Summary
NGO sector is the potential sector where the growth of a developing country depends a lot. In Bangladesh NGO sector is also very influential. This sector is very big in Bangladesh and holds a lot of skilled employees. So Human Resource Management (HRM) is very much applicable as well as practiced in NGOs of Bangladesh. Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) is well known in Bangladesh. To compete the global challenge TIB has developed a skilled and efficient workforce. This large employee force is managed totally by the HR department of TIB. This HR department meets all the requirements of the employees from salary to rewards, hiring to firing employees and other important developing trainings. In this report the Overall work of the human resource department will be focused and described. To know the details of the company we interviewed some HR personnel of TIB and other information were collected and gathered with the help of the internet. TIB is the organization where actually the HR activities are applied with a huge effort, and the outcome is also very satisfying. The Human Resource Manual is based on the vision, values and mission of TIB. It provides the framework of guiding principles and practices aimed at ensuring the highest standards of efficiency, integrity, accountability and transparency in managing TIB. The HR Manual is a living document, subject to amendment with the approval of the Board. Its practical value and importance lies in the availability of resources and commitment of TIB in applying these standards in its work. Content

• Introduction • Company Profile • General Background
• TIBs Operation in Bangladesh
• HRM Practice • Size
• HR Activities
• Recruitment Process
• Selection
• Training and Development
• Benefits and Rewards
• Conclusion

TIB has since been working as a catalyst of social movement against corruption. It has elaborate research and advocacy programmes for policy change and institutional reform for creating conditions for reducing corruption and promoting good governance in Bangladesh. Since its establishment TIB has undertaken various activities, research, information, dissemination, campaign and advocacy to bring about greater awareness amongst the general public of the nature, extent and implications of corruption in Bangladesh across all sectors, public, private and non-governmental. One of the early conclusions that TIB has reached is that fighting corruption and promoting transparent, accountable and efficient governance requires active and concerted citizen’s effort. TIB has, therefore, given priority to mobilizing and drawing support from constituencies of citizens by forming watchdog bodies, committees of concerned citizens as a deterrent force against corruption, not only in key sectors of public service. TIB has devoted itself to the task of mobilizing a social movement to curb corruption and to promote good governance in the public, private and non-governmental sectors through greater accountability, transparency and public participation. The main objective of TIB is to catalyze a conducive environment for reduction of poverty and promotion of justice and human security. The Context

However, those who engage themselves in corruption, abuse their power ? political, economic or social, within or outside Government ? for personal gain. Corruption is also a behaviour or act that breaks away or contradicts from ethical and moral standard, laws and civic virtues. Corruption involves giving and seeking of favours, buying political influence, taking kickbacks, and bribes. Corruption may also include any or a combination of such acts as embezzlement, fraud, nepotism,...
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