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| 1.1 Overview of Industry 1.2 | 3| | 1.2 Different types of services offered by BPO| 4| | 1.3 Top players of Industry| 8|
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| 2.1. Literature review| 9|
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An alarmingly high employee turnover level is hurting the India based business process outsourcing (BPO) industry and is negatively impacting both its clients and service provider. The topic of employee turnover is receiving daily attention, and creates complexity. For the BPO sector that employs one million people, the attrition rate has risen drastically to 55% in year 2011. This project examines the varied and often complex causes of employee turnover and what is the impact of this on industry. It also contains what approaches industry take towards the high employee turnover issue. The focus of this comprehensive report is limited to BPO attrition in the Indian context. This report contains introduction to the BPO industry and introduction to the employee turnover issue a It includes major causes of high employee turnover in the industry and its’ impact. Along with that the report contains few examples of companies which are taking steps to reduce employee turnover. Better BPOs are clearly investing in key areas around training, skills training, a reward structure that reflects performance, and an honest effort to provide real career opportunities.

1.1 Overview of industry
Over the past decade, the Indian IT-BPO sector has become the country’s premier growth engine, crossing significant milestones in terms of revenue growth, employment generation and value creation, in addition to becoming the global brand ambassador for India. The Indian IT-BPO industry has grown by 6.1 percent in 2010, and is expected to grow by 19 percent in 2011 as companies coming out of recession harness the need for information technology to create competitive advantage. The Indian IT-BPO sector including the domestic and exports segments continue to gain strength, experiencing high levels of activity both onshore as well as offshore. The companies continue to move up the value-chain to offer higher end research and analytics services to their clients. In India BPO’s share is 25% of IT industry. India’s share in the global BPO spend is about 3.2%. The BPO industry in India has become one of the most significant growth catalysts for the country’s economy. In the last decade, the industry has grown 16 times in size, to reach USD 16.9 Billion (including domestic) in FY2011. In addition to fuelling India’s economy, direct and indirect employment creation is estimated at 4.5 million. India is the leading BPO destination, accounting for over 37 per cent of total global sourcing BPO revenues, followed by Canada and Philippines. BPO industry today is a diversified sector spanning across multiple services and becoming the hotbed for knowledge workers in the country. India headquartered; multinational firms, Global in-house centers and niche firms are building the sector in the country contributing to process excellence, transformation and best practices. BPO is a technology-integrated BPO that provides a complete business solution by packaging a technology platform with a domain application. Some examples of domain applications include Insurance Policy Administration, Claims Processing, Mortgage Processing, Collection Management etc. Most leading IT companies have BPO divisions/subsidiaries.

1.2 Different Types of Services Being Offered By BPO's
Customer Support Services
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