Dysfunctional Turnover

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Dysfunctional Turnover:
Dysfunctional turnover is the exact opposite of functional turnover, as the best employees leave. This can happen for a variety of reasons, but a common cause is low potential to advance. “Dysfunctional turnover” is when your best people are leaving, instead of your worst performers. The opposite of that situation your worst performing employees are leaving, and you’re retaining your superstars is referred to as “functional turnover.” In both cases, the actual rate of turnover is important to note. Dysfunctional turnover is voluntary turnover that organization wants to retain that employee, because these employees have made positive contributions to the organization. The key is the quality, rather than the quantity, of departing workers. If a company suffers from high levels of dysfunctional it needs to address underlying issues. The best employees quit for several reasons. They may be unhappy with their pay or feel unappreciated for their work. They may also believe they've been passed over for promotions. Conflicts with coworkers or supervisors could drive quality workers away as well. They may simply be bored with their duties. Or if you've made major changes to your policies or work environment, such as cutting fringe benefits, curbing flextime or demanding additional hours with no extra pay, good workers may hunt for other jobs. This question explores further concepts of dysfunctional turnover that may be particularly useful to investigating individual’s turnover behavior. RESEARCH QUESTIONS

* Relations with Coworkers
* Relations with boss
* Rewards/ Awarded
* Work conditions
* Growth opportunities
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