How to Write a Good Personal Statement

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Personal statement
They want to know that im diverse
They want to know im responsible
They want to know that I can be an instructor and a supervise a living or day group We also lead activities, athletics and discussion groups, lead students on off campus trips Instructor position is a three time job teacher and advisor and leader. Office manager : Office Managers work closely with the Main Office Director to ensure the smooth operation of the Main Office. Office Managers supervise office staff who assist with various office tasks, including answering phones, interacting with parents and students, maintaining the lost and found, distributing messages and faxes, facilitating student checkin and check-out, and keeping the Main Office tidy and professional. The Office Manager may also conduct program tours, communicate with other offices, and manage airport arrivals and departures. Office Managers do not have RA or DA responsibilities. While Office Managers occasionally participate in extracurricular activities and weekend trips (or teach workshops), they spend the vast majority of their time in the Main Office. Office managing duties are split between two Office Managers. Instructor RA/DA

Typical Compensation: $4,400 + Room and Board
At least 2 years of college experience by the summer.Instructors teach one or two courses and, depending on the program, between one and two workshops each session. In addition, Instructors play a major role in residential and day student life. Most Instructors are Residential Advisors (RAs) or Day Student Advisors (DAs) who supervise a living or day group. In addition, Instructors also lead activities, athletics, and discussion groups. On trip days, Instructors lead students on off-campus trips such as whale watches, theater performances, and baseball games, or assist with on-campus workshops.It is important for applicants to understand that the Instructor position is a three-part job at Explo: teacher, advisor, and leader. On a typical day, an Instructor will spend approximately 3 hours teaching in a classroom setting and the rest of the day and evening supervising all aspects of student life: from helping students bus trays in the cafeteria to leading afternoon activities, taking attendance at check-in and living group events, and chaperoning an evening dance. Whatever students are involved in at Explo, our Instructors are involved in, too – helping to ensure that every moment of the day can be a learning moment and, most importantly, that every child is safe, both physically and emotionally

Explo was by far the most talked about US summer Camps in my home country of Jordan. My best friend attended the summer camp as a student 4 years ago and described her experience as extraordinary and out of the world!. Explo deserves to have the best team in order to maintain their imagine; that’s why applicants like me will definitely be the right match. Explo surely provides a unique summer camp not just for American students but international students as well which is what differentiates them among hundreds of summer camps. What pushed me to apply for this job position were definitely the promoters who visited My University Campus. They were very friendly, enthusiastic and organized. They reflected the kind of team members I would love to work with other the summer. Explo demands that its applicants have important set of characteristics to be eligible for the positions offered. I believe that my personality and experience fit perfectly with Explo’s demand. A bit about myself.

My name is Lana Hindieh, I was born in the united states of America, however lived my entire life in Jordan. I attended the Amman Baccalaureate school of Jordan from 1998 till 2010. ABS was one of and remain the best school in Jordan, It encouraged its students to be involved in the all sorts of extracurricular activities all year round. The middle year’s program gave us the opportunity to grow our characters...
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