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Topics: Virtual memory, Memory management, Pointer Pages: 3 (415 words) Published: March 27, 2013
ppendix D: Individual Skills Assessment
Questionnaire for the Instructor
Directions: The following questionnaire contains the Individual Skills Assessment that must be administered to each student individually as a panel interview. Print enough copies of the ISA Questionnaire so that each interviewer has one copy per student before the panel interview begins. Please see the Instructor Guide section of this courseware for complete instructions on how to conduct the interviews.

For each topic, start with Learning Level 3. Circle each of the response criteria that the student successfully includes in his or her response. You may use the scoring table at the end of the questionnaire to tally the student’s score.

Note: Each topic includes questions at three levels:
o Level 3: Synthesis/Evaluation (Most-challenging questions) o Level 2: Application/Analysis (Medium-level questions)
o Level 1: Knowledge/Comprehension (Least-difficult questions) Appendix D: Individual Skills Assessment Questionnaire for the Instructor ©ITT Educational Services, Inc. 104 Date: 01/12/2010
Individual Assessment Skills Questions with Correct Response Criteria Topic 1: Hardware
Learning Level 3: Synthesis/Evaluation
1. You are building a LAN in a company that develops insurance management software. What hardware requirements should be taken into consideration? (TB143, IT1220)
Correct Response Criteria:
The student addresses why each is important:
PC resources needed: Memory, disk drive size, processor size Networking resources: Category 5e cable, hub, switch, bridge, router Learning Level 2: Application/Analysis
1. Describe how the memory manager divides up and allocates memory. (TB143, IT103)
Correct Response Criteria:
The student identifies the following memory concepts and describes how each works:
Virtual memory
Shared memory
Paged memory
Contiguous memory
Non-contiguous memory
Learning Level 1: Knowledge/Comprehension...
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