How to Rank a World Class City Effectively

Topics: City, Global city, Welfare Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: December 7, 2012
How to rank world-class cities effectively?
In the past few years, some international newspapers ranked Hong Kong as a world-class city in Asia. Once the result has been announced, it always arouses the discussion in the public. What qualities have been used by those newspapers when they are ranking the cities? Some scholars may suggest such qualities include affordable medical care, cultural activities, equal opportunities, good education, a fair legal system, and a good social welfare system. From my points of view, a fair legal system, good education and cultural activities are the three qualities that are of more importance. Let me explain them in details.

Nowadays, social justice has become one of the core values in many developed countries. Their citizens should be equally protected by a fair legal system. Otherwise, their rights will be deprived. If citizens are treated unfairly, they may have grievances against the government. Hence, the society will become unstable. On the contrary, a fair legal system attracts foreign investment. With a better economic development, the quality of life of the citizens will gradually get better off. Therefore, the city will be more prosperous. In brief, a fair legal system is the most important quality among all these three qualities in ranking a world-class city.

Secondly, it is a well-known fact that providing systematic education for our next generation is one of the key elements for a city’s long-term development. We can see from examples that education is the most effective solution for nurturing people to contribute to the society. The aim of education is to explore, develop and maximize one’s potentials. A successful education system can significantly enhance a city’s competitiveness over others. Thus, education system should be regularly benchmarked with so that we can enrich our talents’ reserve. It is never an exaggeration to say that a well-designed and successfully implemented education system is a...
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