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City is a good place

City is a big place where you can see busy people; establishments open for business and vehicles in a hurry. A place where you can go shopping, eat specialty foods, play electronic games, enroll in a prestige schools, do better transactions and do whatever you want. Crime is also present in a city but then government functions are most probably accomplished and can be experienced there. Better roads, police assistance, and better government infrastructure. I grew in a place away from the city; I have been there from the day that I was born until I graduated high school. I have experienced good days there, simple living is enough, crime rate is low or even none. But from the day I transferred here I realized that life is better here and those good days being there are not really enough to experience better life. Far away from a city would be hard, for you cannot easily provide your family, even your needs. It takes more time, effort and money to be in a city just to satisfy your needs and wants. Job offers are not that good same as the salary. Medical services are not that good since hospital there are not equipped with the latest apparatus. Business offers are limited; technology is not that good and effective. At night stores close early and when you need something emergency only few stores are open and offer good at a higher price than usual and only few vehicles for hire can be seen. While in a city everything is provided such as personal, social and medical needs. There are 24hours stores open, you can choose hospital you want to take care of you. Jobs are relatively good same as the salary. In just a few steps you can get or buy what you need. Better water and electricity services. More importantly better education can be achieved. Living far away from a city is good in some reason but life in a city is better. It makes our life easier we just have to work for it. Everything is provided for a good price. Just like in an emergency...
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