What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated

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  • Published : June 21, 2012
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Quality in education is one of the most discussed issues around the globe among educational community. There is an emerging consensus that quality in education depends on the enabling inputs, educational processes, teachers’ abilities, and learners’ characteristics and the specific context. It is increasingly argued that quality in education cannot simply be determined by local factors in schools but depends on social, political and economic factors that often go beyond the local context.

In the light of above it become more complex to define the contextual meaning of “Well educated” The product coming out from our schools, colleges and universities are placed correctly under the category of “well informed” rather than “well educated.” Alfie Kohn is one of my favourite writers. He is leading , insightful and sometimes controversial force in working to improve our education system. He has written and spoken extensively about his insights into many of the very challenging problems in our education system

“The main aim of education should be to produce competent, caring, loving and lovable people”

Kohn believes that “The main aim of education should be to produce competent, caring, loving and lovable people”. In our context we observe a different scenario here we do produce competent individuals but do not concentrate to develop soft skills, moral and ethical individuals who could love and care for others. Their priority would be “Me” and “Me”. The true picture is so obvious in our beurocracy. Highly educated but with sterio type mechanical approach. In our context unfortunately, education is seen as a process of learning that is structured within the walls of schools, colleges and universities, the system of learning understood to have a combination of a well equipped schools and teaching by highly and expensively qualified and trained teachers. It is only then one feels satisfied and confident that education is taking place.

“Goal of education is...
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