How to Promote a Music Concert Event for Profit

Topics: Negotiation, Marketing, Advertising Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Step 1
Arrange for and manage artist booking and contract negotiations. Contact management agencies that represent the artist. Attend to every aspect of the contract, which includes artist payment, production requirements and contract riders, backstage accommodations, food, drink and other artist expectations. Step 2

Contract a venue. A concert promoter negotiates an artist's contract while negotiating the appropriate venue. Book a concert hall that matches expected ticket sales. Negotiate, for example, a larger venue for a major rock band than for a stand-up comedian. Research the size of the audience the talent will attract. The appropriate venue may be a 20,000-seat arena, a field or a nightclub. Each site will have individual demands. Step 3

Schedule sufficient time before a booked date to allow for ample advertising and preparations. Fishers Artists Agency, a concert promotion company, recommends beginning 14 weeks before the date to begin advertising, arranging ticket sales and ticket printing. Concert promoters handle ticket sales and payments to the artist, venue and merchandisers, to name only three accounting responsibilities. Step 4

Advertise the event. Evaluate the amount and type of advertising that meets the event's needs. Large concerts, for example, often require a media blitz. Advertise in sufficient time before the concert date. Concert promoters must calculate an ad budget and do advertising placement that will drive ticket sales to turn a profit from the event. Advertising may include TV, radio, newspaper and online placement. Step 5

Attend to production and audience details. The artist or the venue (the house) will provide sound and lighting staff. The website Creative Concert Promoters cautions concert promoters to make sure that concessions and restrooms meet the audience's needs at the particular event.
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