How to Promote Service Users Rights and Responsibilities

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How to promote service users rights and
In care settings the term quality practice is used to describe the promotion of service users` rights, which are essentially the same rights that are afforded to everyone else, such as the right to marry and freedom of expression; Care workers must actively promote the rights of service users in order to maintain quality practice. One of the toughest things is to balance out rights and responsibilities. It means taking ownership not only of your "stuff", but also keeping an eye out for the other people as well. For example, being responsible around the Queensland for the service users may mean cleaning up after your mess and taking care of your belongings, but it also means having consideration for others, keeping the group areas of Queensland in reasonable condition, etc. The responsibility extends beyond yourself, but to others in your environment as well. The service users are normally taught about "rights" early on as well. Rights are what service users are or "should" be entitled like confidentiality is their right. Service users are entitled to make everyday choices, such as what food they wish to eat, what time they go to bed and get up, and what activities they wish to join. Encouraging service users to make choices is all about promoting independence, which at times may involve some level of risk (such as if service users want to go out shopping etc). It would be the care workers' responsibility to assess (in collaboration with the service user) whether the amount of risk attached to certain activities is acceptable or not. Service users have the right to take risks, but the careers involved have a responsibility to ensure the safety of the service user. This is how in situations rights and responsibilities in Queensland are balanced: If there are seven disable service users, and they all need a wheelchair for going out, and sometimes...
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