Tour De Georgia and Service User

Topics: Tour de Georgia, Personal development, UCI race classifications Pages: 3 (629 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Unit SHC 32

Outcome 1

In general it is my duty to undertake all care work with the sensitivity required to provide services in a way, which will preserve the dignity, privacy, choice, independance, fulfilment and rights of the service user and his/her usual carer/members of family. Duties include; personal care, diet, financial, community, medication support.

I am to act at all times with Guardian Homecare's code of conduct and the standards of the General Social Care Council. My work role requires, personal needs of the service user as stated in their care plan. Good communication has to be maintained including with those who may have communication difficulties. I am expected to promote safeguarding, the well-being and interests of the service user, in an honest and integral way which might mt employer into disrepute.

Outcome 2

Reflective practices are supervisions and appraisals, they are for self improvement and development of work techniques to ensure that the codes of practice are adhered to within relevant guidlines and regulations.

While taking a service user into the community, his entertainment is an important factor, he usually likes theme parks, so he was taken to the Blackpool Tower Dungeon. He did not enjoy himself so had to leave after positive communcation. Upon return to location, a message was logged in the staff to staff book, about this and on reflection through staff discussion, decided that his best interest would be not to take him there again.

with regards to the previous situation my views of an entertainment venue is to be enjoyed as is meant to be.

Outcome 3

Through developing a working career within health and social care at C.C.S then Guardian, i now can appreciate my self development in teamwork, the ability to communicate with different types of people, time management, organisation,

problem solving, decision making and the skills specific to the job.

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