How to Produce Peace and Prosperity

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------------------------------------------------------------------ How to Produce Maximum Peace and Prosperity

Since 9-11 attacks, the U.S government announced ‘the war on the terrorism.’ Then, the U.S and other western countries’ troops went to Iraq for the war on the terrorism. Why did they do so? The U.S and other western countries wanted not only to keep their own peace and prosperity but also to assist Middle East countries including Iraq for peace and prosperity. Nowadays, some countries like the United States are in peace and prosperity. On the contrast, some countries like Palestine are in conflict. Peace and prosperity are concerns of all countries and all human beings in this planet. As we can see around us, there are countries or people that are living in peace and prosperity, but there are also many other countries or people that are living in dispute or conflict. Also, even the most peaceful and prosperous country has somewhat conflict. Well, how can we produce maximum peace and prosperity? The book ‘Peace and Prosperity in an Age of Incivility’ suggests the answer to this question while explaining about three critical political values of liberty, order, and equality and how those three values relate to peace and prosperity. To...
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