Three Cups of Tea

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  • Published : December 16, 2008
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Three Cups of Tea

Through the media in America, we are all constantly reminded of the enemies and conflicts that our nation has. As of late, the United States has been trying to spread democracy and peace to its Middle Eastern adversaries through the barrel of a gun. After reading Three Cups of Tea, it seems the only logical way to establish peace is through education. As Greg Mortenson demonstrated by overcoming adversity, the importance and spread education and schools is the way to achieve a lasting peace.

Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin combined to capture a compelling story of Mortenson’s life, and how one man can make a change in the world. After his dangerous encounter with K2, Mortenson was taken in and nursed back to health by a small village in Pakistan to which he felted deeply indebted to. His promise to those people was to build a school, after seeing how the children of Korphe partook in outdoor studies sometimes with no instructor and no real supplies. (Mortenson and Relin 17-33). It would cost the Pakistani government a dollar a day for a teacher for these children, yet there is no teacher. That is a hard fact to grasp, regardless of the countries economy. It shows a lack of respect in my mind that kids willing to learn go without education.

As quoted by legendary mountaineer Sir Edmund Hilary “Slowly and painfully we are seeing worldwide acceptance of the fact the wealthier and more technologically advanced countries have a responsibility to help the underdeveloped ones.” (Mortenson 53). As stated above, the price of an education for impoverished countries is not that great and many successful Americans alone could burden the cost. To close the quote, Hilary stated “Not only a through a sense of charity, but also because only in this way can we ever hope to see any permanent peace and security for ourselves.” (Mortenson and Relin 53). Many take their education for granted in western societies, and don’t realize where the country...
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