How to Paint Your Car

Topics: Iron, Electrochemistry, Spray painting Pages: 3 (1051 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Luar Martinez
April 1,2011
Eng. 111-HB1
K.L. Thomas
Do you believe that things turn out right only if you do them yourself? If yes, well you’re in luck, because today I will show u how to paint your own car. The entire activity can take about five to six hour and requires a lot of precision; but it allows you to expand your creativity and even save a couple of bucks. Before even thinking about painting a car, you must first have dry and dust free area(carport). Also if your car is older than 2000 models, you must follow the first step if not you may skip and start at the second. The first step to a great looking paint job that will last is having a solid, rust-free foundation to work from. Rust is a common term for the process of steel oxidizing and is normally caused by unprotected metal being exposed to water. Adding salt to the process, as in the salty roads we have in the winter only rushes the process and can quickly turn your car into an ugly, flaking, rusty mess. The worst issue of rust is that once the oxidation process has started it's very hard to stop. Even taking away the source of the moisture won't stop the metal from rusting in a self-destructive manner, so the only choices are to remove the rust completely or to stop the process of oxidation chemically. Either way, the rust must be completely removed or treated or it will return under the paint, causing unsightly bubbling. If removing the rust by hand, this can be accomplished by removing the metal just in the rusty area and welding in patches, but extreme cases may require replacing the entire part. Most areas of light surface rust don't require part replacement and can be chemically treated with a liquid rust inhibitor. No matter the brand, all rust inhibitors work basically the same way. Their main ingredient is phosphoric acid, which converts rust into iron phosphate, chemically stopping the oxidation process. Parts can be dipped in rust inhibitor, but the more...
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