Skin and Dermal Papillae

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1. Discuss the underlying reasons for the rapid growth of crime laboratories in the United States since the late 1960s. pg. 11 The reasons why the growths of crime laboratories in the United States are: agencies saw their potential application to criminal investigation or were pressed by increasing casework. Coinciding with changing judicial requirements has been the staggering increase in crime rates in the United States over the past forty years which make the police agencies use of labs greater and all illicit-drug seizures must be sent to a forensic lab to be adjudicated. More recent reason for the growth is the advent of DNA profiling. 2. List and discuss the role of the evidence collector at a crime scene. First the collector must secure and isolate the crime scene by removing all unauthorized people off the scene and then block it off with rope or crime scene tape. Then they will record by taking photos of the evidence and numbering them you have to be very carefully to secure them in their proper bags and containers. You would also take notes of all evidence collected. Search for evidence should be thorough and systematic. When you are collecting from a person you must get the clothing, fingernail scraping, head and pubic hairs, blood, swabs for sex related crimes, bullet from the body and hand swab from shooting victims. 3. Describe the proper collection and preservation of paint evidence from an automobile suspected of being involved in a hit-and-run incident. Paint that is foreign to the suspect automobile is observed on the hood. Pg 239,242 This is best accomplished by removing a painted section with a clean scalpel or knife blade. Samples ¼ inch square are sufficient for lab exam each should be package separately and marked with the location of recovery and when a cross-transfer of paint occurs with two mobiles all layers including the foreign as well as the underlying original paints must be removed from each car. A standard sample from an adjacent...
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