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OZ Car Clean Pty Ltd

It is a full-service car wash facility located in St Leonard’s (just off the Pacific Highway). The principal owners, Geoff and Sandy (husband and wife team) are also the full-time managers. They have vast experience in the management of finances, personnel, and equipment. Geoff was previously a Car Wash Facility Manager in Brisbane for two years, before starting OZ Car Clean Pty Ltd in August of 2005. Business was slow to begin (for the first year or so), but then many regular customers started to return and there is more consistency as a result.

Oz Car Clean has a fully automatic tunnel carwash available 24hours, 7 days a week, Espresso coffee, tea or hot chocolate complimentary “whilst you wait” for all full-service car washes, a Café that serves homemade cakes, biscuits and wholesome sandwiches. Plus, drinks, a library of recent magazines and daily newspapers for customers to read (and purchase if they desire), Four (4) high pressure wand self-service bays, (6) vacuum stations complete with fragrance and carpet shampoo dispensing machines and 4 kinds of wash.

The coin-operated, self-service bays will cost $5.00 per 4.5 minute cycle. Additionally, all customers will have access to vacuum islands which will cost $4.00 per 4.5 minute cycle. Fragrance and shampoo dispensing machines will also be offered, and will range in price from $5.00 to $7.50 per cycle.
Most car wash operators sacrifice service to minimize costs, but since OZ Car Clean have a regular clientele, they are in a unique position of not having to sacrifice service to lower costs. OZ Car Clean provides superior service at a competitive price with all other car wash facilities in their local area. Segmentation variables

Geographic: The OZ Car Clean has the focus in areas such as St Leonard’s, Sydney CBD and Chatswood

Demographic: We segment demographically in ages (21-50).

Psychographic: Make the lifestyle of the people different.

Behavioral: Get the loyalty of the clients

The products market factor are a good establish, with amazing space, usually the time to wait to wash your car is maximum of 5 minutes in busy day.

Our differential is the quality of service being fast and efficient.

The frequently season happens in the summer when the people use to wash their cars and the infrequently season happens in the winter when the people do not to use to wash their cars because the rain makes your car get dirty.

The new media plan to OZ Car Clean gonna be the loyalty card that means depend each turn that you go there to wash your car you will get some benefits such as coffee free, vacuum free, wash free and some clean car products free for your car.

The advertising message that we are going to use is “Start to get benefits washing more your car”.

1. Brand Essence (DNA) Light Hearted, Creative.

2. Brand Iconography: OZ Car Clean loyalty card.

3. Brand Personality: Light hearted, innovative, creative, simple.

4. Emotional Benefits: Feel: modern, competent, mastery. Look: Professional.

5. Functional benefits: Convenient, productive, efficient, simple, easy.

6. Products features: Benefits, coffee free, vacuum free, wash free and some clean car products free for your car.

We are going to use a budget of $650,000, where we will use it in different areas in our development media plan.

We will spend our money with the bills, advertisements and the stuff that we need to buy for Car Wash and the Coffee shop.

Bills| $Week| $Month| $Year|
Water| $130| $520| $6,240|
Electricity| $200| $800| $9,600|
Telephone| $50| $200| $2,400|
Internet| $100| $400| $4,800|
Coffee Shop| $| $| $|
Car Wash| $| $| $|

The merchandising requirements are the security that we give to our customers about our quality of service.

The loyalty that we have with the people lives in St Leonard’s.

Always when we finish the washes we give to the customers...
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