How to Make a Good First Impression?

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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There are various ways to make a good first impression. But in my opinion, appearance, body language, and being a good listener are the most important ways to impress somebody. Appearance is very important. Your clothes should be suitable for the situation. For example, if you wear casual clothes in a meeting with your partners, they will think that you are not serious about working with them, or you don’t respect them. Besides, clothes can demonstrate your characteristic. People often like the one with neat clothes than a sloven one. Demonstrating good body language can help you make a good impression to the other. A smile can make other people think you are a comfortable and friendly person. But you shouldn’t smile all the time or have a strained smile, they may think you are insincere. Maintaining eye contact is a good way, too. People will have good impression on you if you look at them in the eye. It shows that you are intersted in their story. Your voice is also an effect on making good impression. You should try to speak clearly and quickly enough so that they can hear you. You should show the expression in your voice, too. Last but not least, try to be a good listener. Respond to them with thoughtful comments to show that you care about what they are saying. You can ask them questions so they will have a chance to talk more about themselves. And you should also listen to them carefully, so if they ask you something about what they are saying, you can know the answer and tell them. In conclusion, making a good first impression is varied. It can be difficult but with some preparations, you can make not only good but also a great first impression.
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