Important Tips of First Day Dating

Pages: 1 (470 words) Published: April 20, 2013
important tips of first day dating

All people want to be desired by the opposite sex.But most of them fail miserably and lose all hope of ever becoming that desirable person. When on a first date,remember to do more listening than talking. Getting to know your date requires you to ask questions and then carefully listen to the answers. Questions such as ,"What are your hobbies?" are appropriate. Questions such as, "When is the last time you had sex"? are not. We know first impressions are important. First impressions are largely about on how we look. So when you are preparing for the first date think about what you are going to wear - dress to impress! Who pays for a date? It's not as clear as it once was. More and more, dates -- even people who have dated for years -- split the tab at the end of the evening. But on the first date, whoever asks for the date should pay. First dates are scary, and you might want to surround yourself with friends to ease your nerves. But remember, first dates are for getting to know the other person. So, never take a first date to a party that your friends are throwing. Plan that first meeting around an activity that you and your new date can enjoy together...alone. Plan that first meeting around an activity that you and your new date can enjoy together...alone. Plan that first meeting in a way so you and your new date can enjoy together...alone. For example a friend of mine decided to listen to those advices but after some drinks he messed up the “sex” questions and only got slapped by his new date.He did not give up though and decided to make it up to her.So the next day he asked if she wants to have a dinner with him.Of course he gave his date great bouquet of flowers and she decided to give him one last chance.The agreed on meeting at 9 o’clock оn the same place.In the evening they had good time and when it was time to pay the bill my friend realized that it was too expencive for him,so he felt unlucky and asked his date if...
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