Judging People by Their Appearance

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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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Judging people by their appearances

When we were young,we were often told don’t judge a book by its cover.Here comes the same thing to people. But why do we often judge people by their appearance?

It’s said that one should never judge a person by external appearance, but it’s very common for people to do so. Someone will say it’s human nature.It makes sense somehow.

Actually, Appearance is the first thing everyone use as a first impression.People prefer someone who is well dressed.When we first getting to know a person,most of us tend to look at one’s external appearance and draw a short conclusion on his character.

However, the media portrays good looking people as heroes and kind ones,while they give the evil roles to people who are not handsome.It kind of tell people that kind ones are always good looking while the bad guys are not.To some extent,I think the media should be blamed.

In my opinion,I have to say it’s very rude to judge people by their appearance,but appearance is very important. Particularly before people getting to know us.It’s significant for us to wear properly at the workplace or in the campus.We can give others a good impression in that way.

However,we should take time to know new people before making judgment about them. External appearance often does not tell us anything about a person.You can’t tell the exactly what a person’s life and their true character is ,just from their appearance.

As a result,we should remember that the real beauty comes from inside not the outside.
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