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Topics: Translation, Literal translation, Metaphrase Pages: 4 (1631 words) Published: February 21, 2013
1. Translation Methodology Methods, Levels and Techniques By Libardo Ospino Professional Translator September 2003 2. Contents 1 THE ANALYSIS OF THE TEXT 2 DIS COURSE ANALYSIS 3 THE INTENTION OF THE TEXT 4 THE INTENTION OF THE TRANSLATOR 5 THE QUALITY OF THE WRITING 6 TRANSLATION METHODS AND LEVELS 7 TRANSLATION TECHNIQUES 3. The Analysis Of The Text Reading the text - Is the starting point We read the text to: Understand what it is about. Analyse it from a translator’s point of view not from linguist’s, literary, teacher nor student To determine it’s intention To determine the way it’s written to select a suitable translation method 4. Kinds Of Reading When Analysing The Text General reading is required We read the words both Out of the context In the context Close reading To get the gist To get the essence To get the substance ( literal meaning ) ( Interpretation ) 5. The Last Reading This last reading is done for the purpose of Noting the cultural aspects of the SL text We have to underline all: Neologism , Methophors , cultural words and institutional terms peculiar to the SL , proper names , technical terms and the untranslatable words 6. The Analysis Of The Text Macro analysis Micro analysis Reading the text The intention of the text The intention of the translator The last reading Text styles The readership The quality of the writing 7. DISCOURSE ANALYSIS IN TRANSLATION MACRO ANALYSIS MICRO ANALYSIS 8. Macroanalysis This analysis answers these questions Who ? When ? Where ? For whom? How ? 9. Microanalysis This analisys is based on the process of segmentation to take notes on the translation problems we find in the text. We split the text in Lexical translation units Sintagmatic translation units It is used to avoid both gain and loss of information 10. Microanalysis LEXICAL TRANSLATION UNITS VERBS ADVERBS NOUN S PRONOUNS PROPER NOUNS 11. Microanalysis SINTAGMATIC TRANSLATION UNITS DETERMINANTS PREPOSITIONS ARTICLES POSSESSIVE WORDS 12. Examples Roberto...
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