History of Translation in Canada

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The study of translation has been the center of attention of several scholars and schools of thought during the last three decades. Some terms related to the field of translation studies belong to a common language that it has been incorporated to the everyday language of translators; such as correctness, similarity, fidelity, original text, adaptation, equivalence, translation strategies, among others. However, most of the time these translations and equivalences express a connection between the source text and its final version; in such a way that conveys the same communicative function in their respective cultures.

Cuba has not been exempted from the translation studies; most of the research on translatology can be referenced back to Amparo Hurtado, David Curbelo, Rodolfo Alpizar and Lourdes Arencibia whom have done a profound research on this branch of the linguistics science during the last thirty years.

However, in the first stage of the current term paper it was established -in the case of the English Language Department at the Universidad de Oriente- that the history of translation in Cuba was lightly treated. A survey conducted among 10 students of the second year of the English Language Major during the present academic course (2011-2012) showed that they had a limited knowledge on what history of translation is; however, they seemed to find difficult to characterize translation in Cuba given that they do not have any source where to find information about the issue and their input on the topic was insufficient. Consequently, a question arose: how could they know about the History of Translation in Cuba?

Hence, the insufficient knowledge regarding the history of translation in Cuba by the English Major Students of the Universidad de Oriente constitutes the scientific problem of this research.

The object of this term paper is the translatological work of José Martí Pérez

The research domain is the translation of the book Greek Antiquities carried out by José Martí Pérez.

The objective is to carry out a contrastive analysis of the translation work developed by José Martí Pérez of the book Greek Antiquities, which would help to illustrate the general characteristics of the translatological work in the XIX century in Cuba, in order to propose an instrument in the 3rd stage of the research that facilitates the searching of information on the History of translation in Cuba by the English Major Students of the Universidad de Oriente.

In order to accomplish the objective in this second stage term paper some scientific tasks were taken into consideration on this second stage:

• To approach the XIX Century translation in Cuba and José Martí’s translatological work.

• To conduct an epistemological analysis of translation, methods and techniques

• To develop a contrastive analysis of some fragments of the book Greek Antiquities together with the translation undertaken by José Martí

Research Methods

Theoretical Methods:

• Analysis-synthesis: this method had been used to collect and analyze outstanding information acquired from the bibliography consulted.

• Hermeneutic: this approach was used to interpret and understand the information gathered.

• Induction-Deduction: In the analysis of the different bibliographical sources that contributed to the theoretical explanation of this research.`

Empirical Technique:
• A survey applied to students of the second year of the English Language Major.

The idea to defend is that a contrastive analysis of the translations work carried out by José Martí Pérez of the book Greek Antiquities with the original work may be useful for ELP students to learn about XIX Century translation in Cuba.

This term paper is structured into one chapter, subdivided into three sections.

The most important contribution of this research is to provide English Language Major Students with a contrastive analysis...
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