Living and Working in the Community

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  • Published : October 12, 2012
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TAS Senior School

|Unit Objective |Content Areas |Outcomes | |Module B: Texts and Society: |Non-Fiction |4. A student uses language relevant to the study of English. | |Elective 1: Living ad Working in the Community |Multi-media |5. A student demonstrates understanding of how audience and purpose | |This module requires students to explore and analyse texts used in a | |affect the language and structure of texts. | |specific situation. It assists students’ understanding of the ways | |7. A student analyses the effect of technology on meaning. | |that texts communicate information, ideas, bodies of knowledge, | |10. A student assesses the appropriateness of a range of processes | |attitudes and belief systems in ways particular to specific areas of | |and technologies in the investigation and organisation of information| |society. | |and ideas. | | | |11. A student analyses and synthesises information and ideas into | | | |sustained and logical argument for a range of purposes and audiences.| | | |14. A student reflects on own processes of learning, especially on | | | |the effects of their expanding knowledge and skills in English. | | |Assessment | | | |Present a speech and accompanying Powerpoint presentation instructing| | | |Year 11 students on Module B | |

The Armidale School – Stage 6 English

Year 12 ESLTeacher: Chris Spencer

Unit title: Living and Working in the CommunityDuration: 6 weeks

| Learning Experiences |Resources |Assessment |Registration/Variations | |Vocab: |Green, Amber and Red Light| |3 | |Start developing a list of useful words to assist students in their study of this module. |Word Lists | |...
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