How to Fix Hr

Topics: Management, Capital, Human capital Pages: 3 (830 words) Published: January 21, 2013
How To Fix HR

After reading the article, in my opinion, the five steps are laid out properly in helping HR Department to achieve success. These five steps are all necessary for building a strong foundation for HR with all talented people working together in accomplishing organizational goal and mission. First, step1, set a clear mission is an important step at the very beginning because it initiates strategic ideas and plans where HR should focus on as well as how to achieve the target. I believe a specific goal is essential to ensure everyone is going to the same path and direction, and also is a final destination to measure HR’s efforts and performance. At step 2, attracting, motivating and retaining talents are top priority tasks that HR should maintain effectively because human capital determines the organization’s business and success. Even HR is driven by many challenges these days, and they might impact on HR’s final outcomes; going to the flow of these distractions will bring HR into trouble. Once these diligent employees leave the company to work for the competitors; therefore, it will be not enough people to fulfill needed job and of course the consequence that HR has to bear even more. In addition to retaining senior executives, it is vital to assess their technical knowledge. If human capital contributes to company business’s success, HR folks are important elements determining the productivity of HR departments. Advanced knowledge employees in combination with their experience and competency will enable HR team to keep up with battle in the long run as well as to maximize HR’s performance as mentioned at step 3 in the article. Next, I believe finding the right leader for HR is one of the most important processes and should be considered carefully. As this person is captain on board, he or she has to be completely capable of seeing HR’s field in the big picture and know how to drive everyone on boat effectively and strategically through his...
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