Case Study : Employee Resoursing

Topics: Recruitment, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 7 (2377 words) Published: February 12, 2013

Subject - Employee Resourcing
Session - Management Case study

Professional Qualification in Human Resource Management
October, 2012
Institute of Personnel Management Sri Lanka (INC)


01. Executive Summery3
02. Issues involved in the case4
03. Recommendations to overcome the obstacles6
04. Conclusion8
05. Implementation9

01. Executive Summery
Country consumer Products Company is a company which need to market their newly developed baby soap ranges. Because of that they need to fill the vacancy of brand manger immediately. They advertised the vacancy without proper supervision and they prepared it in a hap hazard manner. From the limited applicants they selected one candidate to perform the job. To select the employee they conducted interviews hurriedly without paying much attention to the standard way of performing the interviews. After that they directly appoint newly recruited employee, Mr. Anton to perform the job. Mr. Anton missed the opportunity to get proper induction program from the company. Gradually he couldn’t perform the job up to the expected level and it cause to de-motivate the other employee. Due to the improper HR planning, absence of proper strategy to attract employees, improper recruitment, selection and induction Processes Company couldn’t recruit right person to the job. It also caused to lost revenue and orders for the particular product ranges. To overcome the above obstacles the company need to implement effective HR practises within the company. Through proper HR planning, proper recruitment, selection and Induction Company can attract most suitable employee to the company. As a solution for the current situation of the company, they can extend the probation period of Mr. Anton or terminate his job and recruit new employee for the post f brand manager. Both opportunities have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the light of considering the above case its better if they can extend the probation period of Mr. Anton. It will provide long term benefits to the company and it will protect the goodwill of the company.

02. Issues involved in the case
In the light of considering the case of Country Consumer Products Company following issues can identify from the case. * Having wrong candidate for the organization
Country consumer Product Company needed an employee who has enough competencies to meet the goals and objectives of newly introduced baby soap ranges. It was a huge responsibility for the employee because the products are new to the market and need more promotions to market the product in a competitive environment. But the company lost many orders and they had to bear huge cost because of the wrong decisions on the recruitment of the brand manager. Due to the improper planning the organisation couldn’t find the right fit to the organisation. There is an old saying that “one dirty fish pollutes the entire pond”. Automatically these failures expand to the other employees and it causes to the de-motivated the other employees. * Not having proper strategy to attract right people

From the inception of the decision of the recruitment of the new employee the company acts in a wrong way. It means the company couldn’t attract the most suitable candidates with the relevant qualifications, Expertises and skills. The company couldn’t attract to most suitable employee. Due to the improper selection of advertising Sources [weekday news paper] and lack of advertising skills missed necessary information which should be the advertisement of brand manager. Because of that company failed match the human recourses with the objectives of the company. * Not having proper recruitment process to select right candidate Country consumer Product Company did not handle the proper way to search for prospective employees and they did not simulate them to apply for jobs. In the recruitment process they did not select the right...
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