Succession Planning for Federal Express Corporation

Topics: Management, Economics, The Key Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: December 7, 2007
It's obvious that the Federal Express Corporation has been in a suffering situation.In a month, the company continually lost two key managers, especially considering the difficult stage it was at . We believe that it is hightime for the company to reconsider its HRP.

Firstly, there are several main reasons for the key figures choosing resignation. For Oliver, lacking of clear career path or opportunity to promote, he had chosen to be a president and CEO of another company. For Ms Presley, due to objective reason and personal preference, she wanted to be an enterpriser. However, all these reasons can not be the excuse of the ineffective HRP. If the HR department is sensitive and proactive enough, it should be aware of the importance of retention and incentive of the key employees.

As a make up plan of HRP, we discussed about three significant aspects that should be involved into the HRP.At first, HRP should focus on attracting, maintaining and developing the key employees, let alone the senior managers. Specifically, HR should be able to give these key employees a clear and achievable career paths , competitive compensation and diverse benefits , enough training and developing programs and etc.Then it is also advisable to make a succession planning (SP) for each key position of the company. The practice of the SP must be supported by other HR practices , such as appraisal, C&B, T&D. Only in these way can the SP be implemented well. For example , the superior should be appraised by the index of training subordinates and their compensation should be related with the efforts on SP. Despite all above measures , it is still important for the HR to have the access to the professional HR agents, so as to find the key person outside the company efficiently when needy.

Nevertheless, it is not only the HR department's responsibility to face the challenge of sudden resignation of senior managers.The problem can influence the whole company , especially at the...
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