How to Describe an Analyze an Ad in English

Topics: Le nom du vent, Humour, Amusement Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: October 28, 2012

I/ Identification
? This is an advertisement for…
Information about the product when possible.
? Origin of the document (magazine, newspaper etc.): country, author, time … ? General topic (in a few words)
II/ Structure and description
? Structure of the picture : study the diagonals, the horizontal/ vertical lines, the differences which may appear in the image
? Analysis of the different shots (high angle shots: plongée, low angle shots: contre-plongée) and the colours used
? Description of each part (when, where, who, what, how) using the vocabulary paper your teacher gave you (‘Situer des élèments’). Then, progressively add your personal interpretation. Don’t forget to thoroughly study the characters: the age group, their position, their clothes, attitude etc.

III/ Interpretation and analysis
? Analysis of the catch phrase and the slogan when possible : size, words, grammatical structure, tone.
? Target : age, sex, occupation, social class
? Imagine the feelings of the different characters on the picture ? When possible, link this picture to a historical or social context ? Imagine what might have happened before and what might happen after ? Goal of the ad : feelings, impact on the reader

? Express your personal opinion and reaction. Has the ad reached its goal ? Do you or don’t you like it ? Why ?
Useful Vocabulary when talking about an advertisement :
The catch phrase
The caption
The brand name
The target


la légende
le nom du produit
la cible

The slogan
The logo

Verbs : to inform, to persuade, to convince, to promote, to entertain, to amuse, to influence people's attitudes and behaviour, to pass on a message, to shock, to surprise, to boost sales, to criticise the competition, to show, to prove, to make somebody aware, to represent, to

imply, to involve, to convey, to emphasize, to highlight, to symbolize etc. Expressions : This...
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