Diagnostic Essay about Advertising

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Prompt: Some people argue that advertising educates consumers and promotes product benefits, while others argue that advertisements can be deceptive and unethical. Should the claims made by advertisements be regulated? Make sure you support your position with reasons, explanations, and examples.

I believe advertising educate consumer, promote product benefit 100%

1 consumer does not have knowledge to choose product without advertisement. Do not know about product. 2 it is consumer responsibility to pick the most suitable choice for their needs after getting products’ info 3 Each country have rule and regulation for business not to cheat consumer/harm consumer for prof

Diagnostic Essay

Talking about advertising, customers normally claim that the businesses always try to cheat them with the most attractive way. However, if customers ever think about that how many time we need to buy a fan, we don’t know which brand to go for, and what type is more reliable and worth the money. Then, we have to go search for friends’ advise. But we forgot about the fact that how much knowledge our friends have for this particular product since they are not in the field. Furthermore, they use one fan for ten over years; will they be able to provide us the best choice of our need product at current market, which is changing every second? Finally, we find advertisement is essentials for human life.

A fan, a TV, a sofa, or a chair are visible products, which we can actually choose base on our own eyes for the color, the quality, the style. These products we can easily to choose whenever we need to at any store near by without consultation, if we don’t have a picky taste. However, some products like food, health care, supplements how are we able to tell the benefit of them without advertisement. In reality, customers is really beneficial from advertisement which include many way to educate the market like TV channel, eyes catching packaging, banel on the street, on...
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