How to Change a Tire

Topics: Vietnam War, My Lai Massacre, Tires Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: April 30, 2011

How to change a flat tire

Changing a flat tire is not a very pleasant thing. However, sooner or later this nasty problem will happen to every car owner. Necessary Items
1. the lack
lug wrench
spare tire
flashlight (with extra batteries)
mat to kneel on
plastic rain poncho

2. Find the right spot.
Getting off the freeway is what you must do even if you have to drive on a flat tire.

3. Never park in the middle of the curve, as approaching cars won’t be able to see you.

4. Also do not park your car on the hill as it is dangerous to jack it up there.

5. Don’t forget to set your parking brake.
Don’t forget to turn the emergency flashers.

6. Get the spare, wrench and the jack from the boot
Loose the lug nuts with the wrench
lift the vehicle off the ground with a jack
Remove the old wheel
Place the spare wheel on the car
Tighten the lug nuts in the proper order
 Lower the car to ground level fully with the jack.
Now when the car is lowered on the ground you can tighten the lug My Lai was the site of a massacre of hundreds of civilians during the Vietnam War. Disclosure of the incident months after its occurrence raised questions about the honesty of the military and the U.S. government regarding their actions in Vietnam. It also seemed to call into question what the United States was doing in Vietnam in the first place. On the morning of March 16, 1968, Charlie Company was sent into My Lai to sweep the village and root out suspected Vietcong who might have been hiding there. First Platoon under Lt. Calley's command reached the village first. The remaining platoons stayed behind to support Calley. Charlie Company's commander, Captain Medina, was also present to direct operations. The sweep was also supported by helicopter gun-ships. When Calley's platoon found no enemy soldiers, he ordered that the civilians be rounded up and brought to the center of the village. At this time the...
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