Automobile and Correct Answer

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3. If there are oncoming cars to the left of you and a child on a bike to the right, what is the correct action to take? Correct answer: Give the child a lot of room to your side, which may mean moving closer to the oncoming vehicles. Your answer: Enter into the bicycle lane in order to avoid being in between the oncoming cars and the child.

4. In order to avoid hazards on the road, it is advised to take in the whole scene around you and look at least _______ seconds down the road. This is about a one block when driving in the city and a quarter of a mile on the highway. Correct answer: 12 to 15

Your answer: 5 to 8

5. If you can not see clearly 100 ft in both directions when approaching an uncontrolled intersection, what should your rate of speed be? Correct answer: No more than 15 mph
Your answer: No more than 25 mph

6. If a vehicle is approaching you head on when you are in the proper lane, what should you not do?  Correct answer: Pull to the left oncoming lane to avoid the car Your answer: Slow down.

8. Of the six most common behaviors which cause accidents, which is indicated as the primary collision factor? Correct answer: Speed
Your answer: Failing to obey stop signals and signs.
10. One person is injured every ____ minutes, as a result of a traffic collision. Correct answer: 2
Your answer: 5
4. The five abilities required for being a safe driver are ……… Correct answer: search, identify, predict, decide, and execute. Your answer: scan, understand, predict, decide and execute

12. This sign is used exclusively for ____________ signs.

Correct answer: Warning
Your answer: Yield

20. When a car driving uphill on a one lane road comes across another vehicle coming downhill, who should back up? Correct answer: The car going downhill
Your answer: The car going uphill
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