"How to Build a House" Process Analysis

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  • Published : December 13, 2006
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The Idea might be scary to some people and thrilling for others. Building a house

gives a sense of accomplishment and a realization of self perseverance. A house can be built 3 ways: the right way, the wrong way, and the cheap way. Cheap is the medium between right and wrong. Most houses are done the right way, where professionals work together to build an in demand product. If not a professional there might be a slight risk of doing the project the wrong way. Even thought I will explain how to build a house by no means can or should my outline be a reference for professional building. Years of experience are needed for a house to be built the right way. But I do suggest trying this at home on a smaller note of course.

Besides the technicalities of professional building, everyone can simply understand the basic processes for the planning and building of a house. Building requires a strong idea, time and a sharp mental wit. Some people are very creative with their building. A homeless man with duct tape and cardboard can make a grand structure. Tearing out a wall in a trailer and making an addition to the building is always helpful in expanding a room. Building a complete and new building from nothing more than imaginative thinking, materials and some good old hard labor is a task like no other.

A great first step to building a house or anything in particular is letting imagination out of its hole and releasing it on the project. Find the type of building and proper size wanted, perhaps in a familiar neighborhood, or let imagination do the work. Talking with an architect and a civil engineer about the project and having them create the idea on paper according to code is necessary. Such code is required for inspections of the building and its progress. Location is the key to a successful structure for lighting, view, seclusion and space. Once with the proper location for your structure, take a long line, stakes, nails and a trusty hammer to attach and...
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