Project Charter

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Project Charter Document

Project Name:Basement Finish
Product/Process:Living Area

This project will convert 1508 square feet of unfinished space in the basement of the Smith Residence, located in Maryland into a livable space. This space will be occupied on a full-time basis by the additional member of the household

With the addition of an additional family member into the household, it has become apparent that more living space is required. The upstairs living room is crowded with additional furniture. The bedroom which in the past has been the guest bedroom is being utilized and is not large enough for the additional family member. The bathroom upstairs becomes crowded during the morning rush, causing existing resources to be stretched to the maximum.

The space will be converted from an open unfinished area to a finished area comprised of: a bedroom (with walk-in closet), a bathroom, a family room, a general purpose storage closet, a kitchenette, a foyer and a dog room.

a. Framing

b. Plumbing

c. Electrical

d. Drywall

e. Flooring

f. Ceiling
* 5. Goals and Objectives:
a. The project goal is to build a livable space for the additional member of the house hold.

b. The project manager will be responsible for providing the sponsor, Rhonda, with the project updates on a weekly basis pertaining to:

1. Cost it is project the total cost will not exceed $10,000

2. Scheduling based on full-time employment schedule and unforeseen overtime requirements.

Project Assumptions
* [Assumption 1]
* [Assumption 2]
* [Assumption 3]
Project Issues
Priority Criteria
1 − High-priority/critical-path issue; requires immediate follow-up and resolution. 2 − Medium-priority issue; requires follow-up before completion of next project milestone. 3 − Low-priority issue; to be resolved prior to...
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