How Personal Values Influence Management Style

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How Personal Values Influence Management Style
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How Personal Values Influence Management Style

“What are values?” Values are ideals that guide or qualify your personal conduct, interaction with others, and involvement in your career. They help you to distinguish right from wrong and inform you on how you can conduct your life in a meaningful and ethical way (Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, 2001). However, everyone’s values are different. Values are influenced by personal, social, and work experiences as well as one’s culture. They determine how one relates to others, face situations, behave in a professional environment, and/or how connected one feels to others they encounter with similar backgrounds. All of which, directly influence one’s management style and interactions with co-workers and subordinates. But, “what were the values that influenced the management at Kudler Fine Foods?” “Why have they faced so much hardship in the inner-workings of their business?” “What could the author have done differently to produce more successful outcomes?” Kathy Kudler, the owner, creator, and operator of Kudler Fine Foods, had the mission of providing customers with the finest selection of gourmet foods and wines as well as expertise on how to incorporate theses foods in ones diet. She valued the ideals of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats being available in market areas where she saw a need for her vision. Each of her three stores were leased; not owned, and consisted of specialty shops with high payroll, vast amounts of perishable goods, poor marketing and small management teams. However, even with such issues as those previously listed, two of the three store locations were very profitable- La Jolla store, and the last opened Encinitas store, while the Del Mar store was barely breaking even. As compared to the two successful stores locations, the city of Del Mar only had a population of...
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