Marketing Mix Kudler Fine Foods

Topics: Marketing, Competitor analysis, Market research Pages: 4 (1206 words) Published: March 18, 2013
The description of how Kudler Fine Foods operates and what it offers its customers. The breakdown of how accurate Kudler Fine Foods uses marketing research and competitive intelligence. Areas are identified that need improvement in the marketing plan for Kudler. Marketing Research

Kudler Fine Foods operates in California and currently has three stores in operations. Kathy Kudler opened her first store in 1998 (Kudler, 2009). Kudler fine Foods specialize in organic foods and specialty wine. Kath Kudler started with one store and has advanced to owning three stores. Because of the sales acquired by these stores, she is interested in opening a fourth store in Carlsbad. First Kathy must figure out how to process the current marketing strategy and determine areas that need to be improved. Current Market Plan

The current market plan offers customers special request orders. This allows customers to buy the cuts of meats they desire and keeps customers coming to the store. Another marketing strategy is the sampling of specialty cheese every Saturday morning. Kathy uses this plan to bring in customers and interest them in the gourmet cheeses. The cheese department is linked to the wine department. The wine department of each store has a wine steward to help customers select the correct wine for the foods they will serve at parties or meals. SWOT

Because the Del Mar store is not doing as well financially as the other two stores, the marketing department has set up a SWOT (Strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis for all three stores. These categories show that the current SWOT shows strengths from Kathy’s interact with the customers and in the store. The opportunities for growth are strong because of the demand for organic foods and eating healthy. The weaknesses such as high payrolls and perishable goods are costing the stores money. Kathy must determine if there is a way to cut the cost of lost goods by ordering less or discontinuing goods...
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