How Male and Female Stidemts Use Language Differently by Deborah Tannen

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Case Study, Chapter 2, The Student Nurse As A Person

Marchelle Craig

NVN 50

Riverside Community College School of Nursing

Angie Fawson
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Case Study, Chapter 2, The Student Nurse As A Person

1. Do hospitalized clients have the right to be in an environment free from strong odors?

Working in this environment requires working close to both coworkers and patients. Personal hygiene is extremely important. Other types of odors should also be taken into consideration, such as cosmetics and chemicals used within the hospital. These odors could not only be offensive but could also pose harm to a person’s health.

2. Should Nizam be granted cultural accommodation and not be forced to follow the school or agency dress code?

All career choices has it’s downfalls so it is important that we investigate our choice thoroughly prior to committing. Every resource available should be reviewed until you obtain the answers that address of your concerns. If after reading up on the field in question you still have unanswered questions talking to professionals in the field is another available option. In the case above Nizam absolutely should have inquired about any cultural concerns in person. It could have made all the difference in his career choice

Summary; What is Your Stress Index?

Before taking his assessment I knew I was at a point in my life that some changes would need to be made in my personal life to be successful in this endeavor. My living situation is not conducive to getting my proper rest and eating a proper diet which is huge at my age. Correcting this requires major...
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