Patient Safety

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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Patient Safety and Efforts of Infection Prevention in the Surgical Field Dana Cook
Nova Southeastern University

Patient Safety and Efforts of Infection Prevention in the Surgical Field It is estimated that 1 in 10 patients will experience a nosocomial infection (Biddle, 2009). With this staggering fact, patient safety and infection prevention is at the forefront of healthcare. Many changes have occurred in this area since the 1840s. This is when Semmelweis, a Viennese obstetrician, made the observation, that women giving birth in an institutional setting 20% of them died of a febrile illness, whereas only about 1% in the home setting. He suggested that somehow a toxin was being spread from patient to patient on the hands of the care providers. This led him to demanding that physicians and nurses involved in obstetrical delivery wash their hands between patients (Biddle, 2009). Patient safety goals as described by American Association of College of Nurses, is to minimize risk to patients and providers as well, through an effective system of care or individual performance (Graduate level Quality and Safety Education for Nurses competencies knowledge, skills, & and attitudes, 2012). With the changes to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare changing reimbursement policies, it is no wonder why we are going to even greater lengths to educate and implement new procedures to prevent hospital acquired infections. The purpose of this paper is to describe the issues of infection control in the surgical area and efforts that are being made to prevent surgical site infections. Problem

Patient safety is defined by as the avoidance, prevention, and improvement of adverse outcomes stemming from the healthcare process (Cole, 2011). “Healthcare-associated infection (HCAI), is defined as an infection that is acquired as a consequence of a person’s treatment by a healthcare provider, is an example of an adverse incident” (Cole, 2011, p. 1122). In the surgical area, the...
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