How Does Atms Ensure Security

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How does ATMs ensure Security?
ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) are one of the most commonly used technologies in today’s world. They are special machines that make banking easier all over the world. The banks issue special cards that the customers can use in these machines for withdrawing cash, checking their balance and several other purposes.Such a marvelous combination of technology and intelligence has made things easier for people. But where there are so many advantages and applications for this technology, it has one major issue and that is of security. Since these machines contain cash and people feed in their personal finance details in the same, it is important that the banks maintain high levels of safety for these machines. Below discussed are some ways in which the ATMs ensure security. The machines used as ATMs usually work on the specially designed cryptoprocessors, which help in the encryption and decryption of the personal information of users. The encryption of the information entered by the people leads to higher levels of security and leads to fraud prevention. There are special authentication codes that are used for the encryption and decryption of the messages and information entered by the users. This is the biggest safety measure. Another important measure that is taken by the banks is customer identity integrity, wherein the machines make use of special measures for checking the identity of the user so that no fraud takes place. Several people have tried and adopted different measures for creating duplicate cards or reading pin numbers of people to cheat them but now banks have become alert and have added additional features and additional equipment, which helps in identifying fraudulent activities and thus leads to the better security measures. There are also additional security approaches and equipments that are now placed on the device itself. People have even tried to tamper with the machine in the past and hence special alarm...
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