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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Assignment 2: Use Cases

Automatic teller machines (ATM) are electronic banking system that allows custom with a debit or credit card to access their account to make some basic transactions such as withdrawal, deposit, or transfer. Our object is to developed use cases to support the bank ATM service, that include all scenario such as customer withdrawing money from an ATM, making an account deposit, making an account transfer. Identify and discuss any ethical issue maybe expose with the development or use of the ATM system. Start Session

When a customer inserts their ATM card into the card reader of the ATM machine, a session will started to read customer card. If it can’t read the card due numerous reasons, then the system will eject the card and error message will display on screen. If the system successful read the card, it will ask the customer to enter his/her PIN, if the pin match with server database a system main menu will display. The main menu consists of multiple types of transaction such as withdrawal, deposit, transfer, or account balance. In an event of invalid pin was entering, system will ask customer to try again. It will allow customer three times to enter the right pin. If customer did not enter the correct pin for the fourth times, a screen will display to ask customer to talk to bank representative. The system will keep customer ATM card. Otherwise when the customer is through with his/her transactions, the card is ejected from the machine and session ends.

Use case for Session Start
Withdrawal Transaction
After customer have completed their start up session by enter correct Pin, a main menu will display on the screen with multiple option. If the customer selects Withdrawal option from main menu system will start withdrawal transaction. Withdrawal transaction has many steps, first it will ask the customer to choose a type of account to withdraw (e.g. saving, checking). After the customer choose...
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