Swot Analysis: Private Commercialized Banks

Topics: Debt, Investment, Customer Pages: 2 (272 words) Published: October 23, 2011
SWOT MIX FOR PCBs (Private Commercialized Banks)

1. Urban oriented / district-wise branch, excellent management, high commitment to the customers, experienced  & skilled manpower, sound HRM, 2. sophisticated ATM system,
3. good monitoring and proper supervision,
4. social welfare attitude,
5. good feedback systems, 
6. appropriate MIS & AIS,
7. good management competence,
8. Strong principality & sound communication skilled etc have the strengths of PCBs.

1. Dependence on head office for decision-making,
2. chronic stuck-up advances and default culture,
3. environmental constraints, excess liquidity,
4. poor level salary structure than FCBs,
5. accumulation of interest on loans, depreciation of the currency, 6. no rural branch, no remuneration for overtime services,  7. mentioned time is not maintained,
8. misuse of telex, mobile, telephone, fax, AC, internet bills etc.

1. High demand for customer finance,
2. Relationship management (Credit Management),
3. relationship with rapid growing Multinational Companies & industries, 4. Infrastructure Facilities,
5. good FSRP prepared by Bangladesh Bank,
6. high demand for foreign exchange,
7. sound remittance,
8. strong supervision of loan good monitoring systems,
9. foreign services,
10. highly decorated offices (Attractive offices),
11. satisfactory two festival bonuses & two incentive bonuses per year, 12. Staff loan & consumers’ credit systems with minimum percentage of interest.

Threats :
1. Unfair competition with some FCBs,
2. Rules & Regulations of BB,
3. Clients’ awareness for services,
4. strictly controlled for fund management,
5. pressure of market economy,
6. environmental difficulties like hartal,
7. political unrests, political violence & pressure, 8. delay legal...
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