Use Cases

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Use Cases

CIS 210

Use Cases
As an intern software developer for a retail bank, you have been tasked with developing use cases to support the ATM service.

Describe a use case, complete with typical and alternate courses, that documents the event of a bank customer withdrawing money from an ATM. This use case describes how the Bank Customer uses the ATM to withdraw money his/her bank account. The actors are the bank customer and the bank. Some of the preconditions that already in us are that: (1) there is an active network connection to the Bank; and (2) the ATM has cash available. In this use case the basic flow of events consists of the following: (1) the use case begins when bank customer inserts their bank card; (2) Use Case: Validate User is performed; (3) The ATM displays the different alternatives that are available on this unit. In this case the Bank Customer always selects “Withdraw Cash”; (4) the ATM prompts for an account; (5) the bank customer selects an account; (6) the ATM prompts for an amount: (7) the bank customer enters an amount;(8) card id, pin, amount and account is sent to Bank as a transaction. The Bank Consortium replies with a go/no go reply telling if the transaction is ok; (9) then money is dispensed; (10) the bank card is returned; (11) the receipt is printed; and finally (12) the use case ends successfully. Some alternative flows that might happen are (1) invalid user- if in step 2 of the basic flow bank customer the use case: validate user does not complete successfully, and then the use case ends with failure condition. (2) wrong account- if in step 8 of the basic flow the account selected by the Bank Customer is not associated with this bank card, then the ATM shall display the message “Invalid Account – please try again” or the use case resumes at step 4. (3) wrong amount-if in step7 in the basic flow, the Bank Customer enters an amount that can't be 'created' with the kind of in the ATM,...
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